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Mouthguards is for athletes one of the key safety measures often used in martial arts. It is indispensable in hit sports such as boxing, muay thai or MMA. It is also increasingly used in gripped sports such as wrestling and BJJ. This is due to the specificity of martial arts in which the entire skull, jaw and teeth are heavily exposed to injuries. These injuries are usually very painful, they can be stuck in the psyche for quite a long time, and the treatment of e.g. a broken tooth is also not the most pleasant, not to mention the costs, which can reach several thousand dollars. So, as you can see, if you don't want to suffer a tooth protector becomes not a choice but a necessity. The WRESTLING.COM.PL store has a wide range of mouthguards. In recent years, many manufacturers producing high-class tooth protectors have appeared on the market. Gel protectors consisting of two or more protective layers have become a standard, the outer layer of which is designed to perfectly match our teeth, providing protection, comfort and convenience.

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